My passion has always been kids. I’ve never really gotten over being one myself.

I am just a girl searching and working to live a life full of dreams, ambition, and passion while making a real difference in the world. I know I’ve made that difference when I see the lights shine in kids’ eyes and that sense of “A-ha!” truly awaken in them.

People watch my videos and hear me live on stage and they say things like, “Who IS this person? I’ve never seen that before. She must be born with it.”


The real story is that I wake up every day with a big grin, feeling ever-grateful for my chance at making a difference by feeling alive, living with passion, playfulness, and love.

The true story is that I’ve studied science, engineering, technology, mathematics, psychology, and leadership for 15 years. I’m an avid reader and quick learner, and I am driven to constantly make today better than yesterday. I attended personal growth workshops, listen to countless interviews and world-class mentors.

The “behind the scenes” story is that I’m a human, and I’ve tried loads of experiments that didn’t work, shot videos of projects that totally bombed, taught classes that went awry, have felt completely deer-in-the-headlights terrified backstage, and failed again and again on my path of being “born with it”. It’s these failures that have made me the person I am today, because with each one I’ve taken the lesson and moved forward. I wouldn’t trade any of it in. It’s only a failure if I didn’t learn from it.

The best story is how my work impacts others. It’s thousands of students out there who’s lives are a little better because we crossed paths. It’s stories of amazing kids who were bored or hated science, but now are teaching it to others or pursing their dream careers in it. It’s my students that are the heroes.

If all I have done is be the catalyst that allows others to be inspired to find their passion and share their story with the world, then my day is outstanding, and I feel that my life is extraordinary.