Rocket Scientist Explodes Education in the Classroom!

Since 1996, Aurora Lipper (me!) has been helping families learn science.  As a mechanical engineer, university instructor, pilot, astronomer, and rocket scientist, I can transform toilet paper tubes into real working radios and make laser light shows from Tupperware.

I started teaching kids to do real hands-on science when when I first saw how kids were being taught science in classrooms. It was so boring! I realized that I’d be frustrated and bored too!

That’s when I decided to do something about it.

But what could I do? At first, I had no idea, so I continued along my career track to becoming a university professor. I began doctorate studies at Stanford University in the High Temperature Gas Dynamics Lab (Combustion) and spent my free time at the local children’s museum in the San Francisco Bay Area.

After six months, I realized that studying in a dark corner about a subject no one really cared about (Simultaneous Laser Spectroscopy and Schlieren Photography of Hypersonic Combustive Fluid Flow… See? Not all that interesting.) for the next seven years was not the fastest track to making the biggest impact on young minds.

I returned to the university and taught for several years as an instructor at Cal Poly State University while creating my own unique set of physical science lessons for younger kids based on the college lectures. I still had no audience for the ‘younger lectures’, but I kept working at it anyway. So what were these ‘younger lessons’ about?

Teaching elementary schools about supersonic combustion did not seem like a good idea at first. But after awhile, I realized how much physical science was really needed in all levels of schools (in private, public, and homeschool environments). And I taught my first science lesson at an elementary school thirty minutes away – and the kids loved it. And once the word got out, I had to hire 12 additional staff to handle the requests! The following summer, I put together the best classes (yes, there are some classes I’ll never try to teach again!) into a week long day camp and offered to everyone in the local community as Science Camp.

I have now taken the opportunity to have a wider range of students as I dedicate my life work to educating and inspiring kids and educators through my science business Supercharged Science. Many parents and teachers have learned the teaching strategies needed for self-motivated learning through my intensive workshops and camps. I share a unique perspective on overcoming the stressful and overwhelming tasks of teaching science in a meaningful and impactful way through my experiences as an instructor, speaker, scientist and engineer.